Event Title
Veronica Bruce Woodward / REVISIONS
Name Sparks Gallery
Address 530 Sixth Ave
City San Diego
State California
Zip 92104
Opening Hours 11am-5pm Please RSVP on our website www.sparksgallery.com
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 5164778075
Email Levi@sparksgallery.com
Web Site http://www.sparksgallery.com
Contact Levi Distaso  
Reception Date 2-5-2021
Dates Starts On 2-5-2021   Ends On 3-8-2021
Opening Days
Opening Time :
Event Description n her solo show REVISIONS at Sparks Gallery, opening May 2, 2021, Veronica Bruce Woodward carries her past forward by directly incorporating fragments of her older paintings into her new work. Laying down her paintbrush for a pair of scissors, she cuts, rips, and sews together swatches of previous experiments to create new amalgamations. Each composition is driven by a visceral immediacy to carry these pieces forward: fresh pigment smears over layers of dried, old paint; canvases from different years are glued together; thread is meticulously embroidered over and over in circular patterns. Unafraid to destroy her own work, she uses her experiences as a roadmap to forge ahead, purposefully selecting portions of work that have shaped her personal, artistic canon in years past. Through this cathartic process of self re-discovery, each piece becomes an autobiographical archive… a time capsule of experiences waiting to be unearthed by the viewer.
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